How Close Are We To Star Trek’s Warp Drive?

Can travelling at the speed of light become more than just fantasy?

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Space and Time Warps
“In science fiction, space and time warps are a commonplace. They are used for rapid journeys around the galaxy, or for travel through time. But today’s science fiction, is often tomorrow’s science fact. So what are the chances for space and time warps.”

Warp Drives May Come With a Killer Downside
“Planning a little space travel to see some friends on Kepler 22b? Thinking of trying out your newly-installed FTL3000 Alcubierre Warp Drive to get you there in no time? Better not make it a surprise visit — your arrival may end up disintegrating anyone there when you show up.”
Source: DNews
Space Future
Spaceships & Rockets
Solar Sail
Deep-Space Engines (Ion Propulsion Engines)
Faster Than Light: Warp Drive
Solar-Powered Laser To Turn Quantum Vacuum Into Antimatter Spacecraft Fuel
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