InSight Will Be Launched Onto The Red Planet In 2016 (+VIDEO)

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InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) is a NASA Discovery Program mission that will place a single geophysical er landon Mars to study its deep interior. Using advanced geophysical instruments, InSight will excavate the surface of Mars, exploring the processes of terrestrial planet formation, together with measuring the planet’s critical parameters: seismology, heat flow probe, and precision tracking. Unlike previous missions to Mars, which have investigated the surface history of Mars by examining canyons, volcanoes, rocks and soil, InSight will focus on investigation of the planet’s earliest evolution – its building blocks. The lander will be equipped with a powerful robotic drill that will hammer its way 30 feet into the Martian crust to measure heat flow, the robotic arm, and some cameras. According to NASA’s schedule InSight will be launched in March 2016, will land on Mars in September and will operate minimum for two Earth years.

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