How Close Are We To An Invisibility Cloak?

Invisibility cloaks seem to be science fiction, but science is making them a reality.
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New Materials

– An Ultrathin Invisibility Skin Cloak for Visible Light
“Here, we demonstrate experimentally an ultrathin invisibility skin cloak wrapped over an object. This skin cloak conceals a three-dimensional arbitrarily shaped object by complete restoration of the phase of the reflected light at 730-nanometer wavelength.”

– This Skintight ‘Invisibility Cloak’ is Able to Hide Any 3-D Object — As Long As It’s Super Tiny
“Unlike previous attempts at invisibility cloaks — which are a big ticket research item, especially for the military — this one is actually sort of cloak-like. Instead of a large apparatus that makes an object appear to disappear, this one is actually thin enough to wrap around the thing it’s hiding.”

– Fast-moving invisibility cloaks become visible
“Physicists have found that invisibility cloaks that can achieve perfect invisibility when not in motion will become visible when moving at speeds of around thousands of meters per second. This is because invisibility cloaks appear invisible only to light at a certain frequency called the cloak’s ‘operational frequency.’”
How Close Are We To An Invisibility Cloak? Futuristic Technology

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