New Material May Help Us To Breathe Underwater and Improve Fuel Cells

It might sound like something out a sci-fi film, but the day could soon arrive when oxygen can be obtained by just a few grains of a newly developed material.

Scientists in Denmark announced they have developed a substance that absorbs, stores and releases huge amounts of oxygen.

The substance is so effective that just a few grains are capable of storing enough oxygen for a single human breath while a bucket full of the new material could capture an entire room of O2.

With the new material there are hopes those requiring medical oxygen might soon be freed from carrying bulky tanks, while SCUBA divers might also be able to use the material to absorb oxygen from water, allowing them to stay submerged for significantly longer.

The substance was developed by tinkering with the molecular structure of cobalt, a chemical element that when found in meteoric iron, resembles a silver-gray metal.
Read More: University of Southern Denmark
Futuristic Technology. New Material May Help Us To Breathe Underwater and Improve Fuel Cells

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