Consumer Solar Powered Pool Cleaner

Solar energy, BUFO, Pool Cleaner, robot, shaofei xu
The device is designed (by Shaofei Xu) to independently clean water and bottom of the pools. Called BUFO, it is mounted with a PV panels that recharge while simply standing idle under the sunlight, with jet propulsion nozzles to clean the water while floating, and with the underwater unit to clean the bottom and contain debris. On the practical side, the BUFO pool cleaner has sensors in the front wheels not to hit the walls and stairs, and back legs filled with foam for floating and climbing walls; is safe to use; and easy to carry and to assemble and disassemble.
green energy, Pool Cleaner, robot, shaofei xu

alternative energy, Pool Cleaner, robot, shaofei xu

Solar energy, Pool Cleaner, robot, shaofei xu

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