Ever Dream To Fly In The Clouds? Now Do It On Passing Cloud.

Passing Cloud, futuristic travel, Tiago Barros
Tiago Barros (New York, USA) designed a bunch of connected cloud-like balloons called Passing Cloud that takes travelers for a floating environmentally safe ride. For rigidity and passenger protection the balloons are bounded by a stainless steel structure sheltered with tensile nylon fabric, which is incredibly sturdy and flexible. Passing Cloud completely flows with the wind being a perfect means of relaxation not of travel.
Via: inhabitat.com
Passing Cloud, future travel, Tiago Barros

Passing Cloud, futuristic travel, Tiago Barros

Passing Cloud, futuristic transportation, Tiago Barros

Passing Cloud, futuristic trip, Tiago Barros

Passing Cloud, futuristic aircraft, Tiago Barros

Passing Cloud, future aircraft, Tiago Barros

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