Solar Panels Generate…Both Electricity And Hydrogen Gas

solar panels generate hydrogen
Dr. Mikhail Zamkov from Bowling Green State University (Ohio) and his team have used synthetic nanocrystals to create more durable solar panels also capable of producing hydrogen gas. Zamkov presented the process involving substituting the organic molecules with two inorganic nanocrystals made from zinc selenide and cadmium sulfide, platinum catalyst added, in a video paper issued in the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE). These are highly robust crystals compared to the organic equivalents, as they are less vulnerable to heat, UV radiation, and degradation problems as the nanocrystals could be revitalized with a methanol wash. These photovoltaic nanocrystals split water into hydrogen and oxygen when submerged into water and exposed to light. Thus, a panel made with such nanocrystals will generate power during the day and hydrogen to run a fuel cell at night.

solar panel nanocrystal

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