Citadel Skyscraper To Stand Firm In The Seas Against Storms

Citadel Skyscraper, futuristic building
Designed by Pavlo Zabotin and Victor Kopeikin the Citadel Skyscraper is not just a residential tank virtually stepping out into waters but also a self-supporting unit to protect the shoreline from the natural conditions. Aimed to solve problems typical for Japan, first of all, the Citadel will be able to withstand huge storms and safeguard the island behind them with the help of the number of skyscrapers 2-3 kms apart and connected through a system of drainage channels and breakwaters; second of all the construction will be built to withstand seismic activity with the 500 meter buildings on the surface and 1200 meter deep foundation; and thirdly, the residential edifice is to move population from the over-crowded cities. Additionally, the super sturdy structure is to be self-sustaining, using energy of tides, autonomous water supply (from boreholes) and live fish tanks in the ground floors.
Citadel Skyscraper, futuristic architecutre

Citadel Skyscraper, futuristic tower

Citadel Skyscraper, futuristic building

Citadel Skyscraper, future building

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