Unique Residential Towers – Shreepati Gardens

Shreepati Gardens, future architecture, Reza Kabul
The Shreepati Gardens is the name for the distinctive contemporary residential building planned by Reza Kabul (ARK, Mumbai, India). They are created in coherence with vastu design.

The four towers are connected by sky bridges and decks, creating a memorable view, different from various locations. Two slim central buildings are a hundred stories high, the other two residential towers are sixty three floors each. The core construction towers, carving up into a hub, are linked by the bridge intended for multiple public functions. There are also a sky deck at 400 m and a swimming pool at 300 m height. All the Shreepati Gardens towers curve at the center to resist gravity.

Shreepati Gardens, future building, Reza Kabul
In addition to its architectural attractiveness the construction unfolds a marvelous sea view on both sides of the towers in front of the customers. It’s definitely going to be one of the exceptional landmarks of the neighborhood.
Via: DesignBuzz.com

Shreepati Gardens, futuristic architecture, Reza Kabul

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