Are Ingestible Cameras The Future Of Medicine?

The future of personalized pharmaceuticals is here. What if you had a pill that would remind you to take it?
Source: DNews
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PillCam Capsule Endoscopy (
The Future of Medicine
Nicholas Negroponte Says In The Future We Will Swallow A Pill To Learn
Digital Pills To Switch On In Your Stomach And Transmit Your Health Info
Print Your Prescribed Drugs At Home On 3D Printer
Swimming Nanobot To Deliver Drugs
Testing Drugs On See-Through Microchip Organs
Tiny Medical Chip To Travel Through Blood Vessels With No Cords Attached
Medicine By E-mail: Combination Of 3D Printing, Biosynthesis And Molecular Construction
This Scientist Is Using Open Sourced Software Techniques To Turn Bugs Into Patent-Free Drugs
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