3D Printing Could One Day Help Fix Damaged Cartilage In Knees, Noses And Ears

Athletes, the elderly and others who suffer from injuries and arthritis can lose cartilage and experience a lot of pain. Cartilage is a tissue which has very poor regenerative potential. Researchers are now reporting, however, that they have produced found a way to produce the “rubbery” the cartilage tissue with 3D bioprinting and human cells and have successfully confirmed it in a in vivo mice model. The development could one day lead to precisely printed implants to heal damaged noses, ears and knees.
Read more: American Chemical Society
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Paul Gatenholm, Ph.D.
Wallenberg Wood Science
Center at Chalmers, Sweden
Source: American Chemical Society (YouTube)

The Future of Medicine, 3D Bioprinting, 3D Printing Could One Day Help Fix Damaged Cartilage In Knees, Noses And Ears

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