Futuristic Glove For Real Time 3D Virtual Objects Animation

Using a motion tracked glove and Apple’s iPad, the team of researchers at MIT has demonstrated drawing 3D objects in real time and moving them around. Based on the video, the technology looks pretty smooth and responsive. According to Cult of Mac folks, one of the project researchers, David Lakatos said: “The iPad is running an app compiled with the Cinder library, which is a C++ wrapper for openGL. We are not using the camera on the iPad – we use a Vicon motion-capture system (used in the film industry) to track the iPads location and orientation. The attached rectangle is what the motion-capture system tracks. By constantly tracking the 5 retroreflective dots on it, we can reconstruct the correct pose (position + orientation) of the iPad. We track the gloves with the same system.”
Via: ubergizmo.com

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