3 Ways 3D Printing Will Change The World – Part 2

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The third persona in the realm of 3D printing to be introduced below is an architect and MIT professor Neri Oxman, who utilizes 3D printing technology to create structures to potentially mold the future of sustainable design. Neri Oxman has designed objects created from composite materials that react to the environment in a very live manner. For example, “Beast”, her chair made of synthetics shifting according to your body weight. This kind of things is manifested only through 3D printing. Oxman’s biomimicry principles combined with 3D printing technology help envision printed houses that adapt naturally to their environment with sustainability being one of the consequences of their shape. Being a democratizing instrument, the 3D printing technology is thus to change the role of architect in the building process. Neri Oxman considers 3D printing to be a technology giving “the possibility of dreaming, and the possibility that one might really turn into physical material form any poetry that resides in the mind.”
Via: archdaily.com

beast, chair, oxman

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