A Smart Wristband Lets You Type Any Text Via Air-writing

future, Karisruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, wearable tech, air-writing, air-writing system, gesture controlled wristband,  futuristic
Researchers from the Karisruhe Institute of Technology in Germany have designed a smart gadget that would enable users to type via air-writing with gesture control. This device is similar to a 3D Gesture Control Armband allowing you to control any device with gestures. It is a thin glove-like wristband fitted out with acceleration sensors and gyroscopes like those in a cell phone. It identifies handwriting movements and sends them to a computer with a wireless signal. This air-writing system can currently recognize 8,000 words in different styles of lettering. Designers hope to improve the technology and to include it into smartphones, so that we would do air-writing with our smartphones and the glove would be not needed.

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