Design And Build Your Dream Aircraft With MakerPlane!

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MakerPlane is an open source aviation project which will enable people to safely and quickly build and fly their own safe, high quality, and not pricey airplanes, using advanced personal manufacturing equipment such as CNC mills and 3D printers. The idea is, that we are designing an aircraft that can be built on a computer controlled mill at home, or at a makerspace which is easy to assemble and quick to build. It will be a two-seat light sport aircraft, featuring a single engine, and high wings. The plans and instructions will be available for free, you’ll be able to fly this thing on your own after 20 hours of instruction and having passed a test. MakerPlane Project will allow various modifications and improvements, that is really a great benefit. Though it’s still in the development stage, its prototype is planned to be finished by 2014.

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