Solve For X: Babak Parviz On Building Microsystems On The Eye (VIDEO)

Futuristic Technology, Solve For X: Babak Parviz On Building Microsystems On The Eye, Future Trends, Implants, Augmentation, Cyberpunk, Nanotechnology, Augmented reality, Contact Lens
Healthcare must leave the hospital and become a 24/7 lifestyle-integrated industry if it is to become as effective and as cost effective as we all hope it can become. To do that, monitoring ourselves continuously is the central problem to be solved. Today body monitors fall into two somewhat unsuccessful camps – implanted monitors and external wearable monitors. What if you could build body monitoring and display elements directly into the contact lens?

Babak Parviz is McMorrow Associate Professor of Innovation at the University of Washington. His areas of research include nanotechnology, micro systems and biomedical devices.

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