Piezoelectricity Surprise In Graphene Research

piezoelectric graphene, FUTURE TECHNOLOGY
Piezoelectricity is produced when a material is subject to mechanical force. Until recently that was true to many materials but those with the carbon molecular structure. However, graphene has surprised the scientists and changed this axiom.

Graphene astonished the researches with the piezoelectric effect when its surface was doped by additives like potassium, fluorine and lithium. Evan Reed and Mitchell Ong from Stanford School of Engineering discovered pretty much, that future graphene derivatives can change shape under the electric current influence and produce electricity when subject to physical pressure.

Lately graphene has been vastly used in multiple spheres like nanotechnology and in production of cutting edge technologies. Thus, its new characteristics may promise us faster, more energy efficient and smoother gadgets in the future.
Via: EcoFriend.com

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