NASA: Commercial Spacecrafts Narrowed Down

Dream Chaser, ISS
NASA announced narrowing down the Commercial Crew Integrated Capability (CCiCap) initiative competitors to three: Sierra Nevada Corporation (receiving a development contract for $212.5 million), Space Exploration Technologies (aka SpaceX, getting $440 million) and the Boeing Company (obtaining $460 million). The initiatives to develop manned private spacecraft for the US government to fly crews to International Space Station (ISS) is moving to the next phase which involves the companies to test and develop their designs to operational levels by May 31, 2014. Meanwhile, NASA is developing the Space Launch System (SLS) and Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) for deep space operations and heavy lift.

sierra nevada, dream chaser


SpaceX dragon

boeing CST-100

spacex dragon, manned concept

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