Ikea: Augmented Reality To Help Allen Wrench

augmented reality, ikea
The build-it-yourself furniture empire Ikea yearly prints 211 million copies of its product catalog. Back in 2011 Ikea addressed McCann, the creative agency behind the catalog to help bridge the gap between paper and digital copies. At the end of this month augmented reality features will appear in their print catalog.
When you glide your smartphone over pages with digital content, a variety of features emerge, like interaction with 3D models of products, videos about products, and digital how-to content. The users will even look inside the compartments of furniture with an “X-ray” feature, says Andreas Dahlqvist, Global Deputy Chief Creative Officer of McCann. Among pictures of bookshelves and Boksel tables, the customers will receive in their mailboxes, Ikea users will see special printed symbols, offering to start on new iPhone and Android apps for an augmented reality experience. The catalog and the accompanying apps for iOS and Android will be released on July 31.
Via: wired.com

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