IBM Brings Quantum Computing to the Cloud

In its latest move to build a practical quantum computer, IBM Research for the first time ever is making quantum computing available in the cloud to anyone interested in hands-on access to the company’s advanced experimental quantum system.

The quantum computing platform called the IBM Quantum Experience will make it easier for researchers and the scientific community to accelerate innovations, and help discover new applications for this technology.

The race to build a universal quantum computer paves the way to solve challenges that are out of reach of today’s classical computers. IBM’s latest five-qubit processor is the beginning of the quantum age of computing. A universal quantum computer, once built, will represent one of the greatest milestones in the history of information technology. Inspired by nature and the laws of quantum mechanics, IBM believes quantum computing is the future of computing and has the potential to solve certain problems we couldn’t solve, and will never be able to solve, with today’s classical computers.
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