High Speed Motorcycle: No Helmet Needed

Futuristic Motorcycle, Crossbow, phil pauley
Crossbow motorcycle is a hundred percent electric motorcycle that doesn’t require a rider to wear a helmet. Phil Paulev has designed an extreme all-weather next level safety motorbike with a canopy cover. This shield-like canopy cover protects a rider from any kind or danger still leaving freedom to provide control at low speeds.

This Crossbow motorcycle looks sharp and provides aerodynamics for high speed performance. The canopy comes with a windscreen wiper for the rainy days.

Via: Tuvie.com

electric Motorbike, Crossbow motorcycle phil pauley

High Speed Motorbike, Crossbow motorcycle phil pauley

Future Motorbike, Crossbow electric motorcycle, phil pauley

Crossbow, Amazing motorcycle phil pauley

green Motorbike, Crossbow motorcycle concept, phil pauley

Crossbow motorcycle, phil pauley

High Speed Motorbike, Crossbow motorcycle phil pauley

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