Continental: Post Crash Braking Technology

automatic brakes
In case you wonder, why there’s a need to break after the crash, we’ll start with the following: to prevent the secondary crashes, a tire, braking and stability control manufacturer Continental (Germany) has developed Post Crash Braking Technology. Being a part of the ContiGuard safety system, it automatically slows down the car after a collision. When PCBT detects an impact through the airbag sensors it electronically applies the brakes to slow the car and bring it to a stop at a safe distance if the driver can’t operate the pedals. The system uses stability control data not to let the vehicle lock the brakes. If the driver is aware and depresses either pedal, the system will disengage leaving the driver in control. Continental is cooperating with an undisclosed German auto producer, so the system will be checked when there are functioning prototypes available for testing.

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