WREN: Fly A Real Spacecraft By Yourself

The only spacecraft in Earth orbit that YOU can control DIRECTLY ! You press the buttons, you are the pilot. Launch is this year!

WREN: Fly A Real Spacecraft By Yourself, Space Future
Even nowadays space is not opened to the public, but we will change that – this year !

We are four guys in a garage, and we have dedicated ourselves to open space for everyone. For that purpose we designed the miniaturized satellite WREN. It’s a so called Pocketqub-Femtosatellite. It has only 5x5x5cm³ of volume and 250g of mass, and fits perfectly into your hand, like a tennis ball. Despite of its size, it even has real thrusters.

It can be remotely positioned by you in every direction and it has a camera onboard for taking pictures from outer space. It will be released into a polar orbit before the end of this year on board of the UNISAT-5 deployer, which is launched inside a DNEPR Rocket from Yasni in Russia.

It will race around the globe every 98 minutes, passing every point of the earth during each day, seven days a week, just waiting for the command to be remotely flown by you.
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WREN: Fly A Real Spacecraft By Yourself, Space Future

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