Polaris’ Digging The Moon’s Surface In Search Of Water (+VIDEO)

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Please welcome Polaris, the latest five and a half feet high, seven feet wide and eight feet long robotic rover. Its deployment date is year 2016 by way of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Desination – the Moon’s North Pole. Mission – exploration of the moon’s surface in search of water, oxygen and nitrogen by means of digging four feet into the surface of the moon. If Polaris’ findings prove the exhistion of the ice in the pole’s craters this knowledge might be crucial for establishing lunar bases on the moon in future. With its two-foot wheels built with a special suspension system and unique software aiming at best positioning (to get the most sun possible) worked out by scientists at Carnegie Mellon University, the rover’s aim will be to dig at over 100 sites over the span of three miles. It’s important to mention that the Polaris Rover prototype has already been built by Astrobiotic Technology, the project being funded by NASA.

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