3-D Audio Will Enable Military Pilots To Hear And Respond To Threats Instantly (+VIDEO)

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Directional sound, using several focused speakers to create sound that is perceived by one ear differently than by the other, allowing the brain to figure out which direction the sound is coming from, has long been characteristic of cinema and advanced home entertainment systems. Raytheon has developed a 3-D audio technology for pilots, providing audio warnings that vary in strength and direction based on the attack, so that pilots will be able to hear and respond to threats immediately. Developers claim that 3-D audio could easily sort out normal radio traffic, allowing sound that’s coming from different directions to give different information: the co-pilot’s voice always comes from speakers on the side of the cockpit and air traffic control directions always come from speakers placed in the front. Current warning technology requires pilots to look at and interpret a visual display before deciding what to do, the new technology will make it easier to apprehend new information.

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