Foxbots Will Replace Human Workers In China’s Factories

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Foxconn’s factories, producing such devices as iPhones and iPads, aim at substituting human workers with robots, called “Foxbots”. The company plans, that the robot workers will take over a number of factory positions considered dangerous and will also save money in future. The working conditions at the factories are terrible and the company’s management wants to escape conflict situations like worker riots, worker suicides due to stress and being overworked. Around 10,000 of the robots are currently working in China’s Shanxi Province; still the company wants to put into operation another 20,000 robots by the end of the year. It is reported, that there will be different types of Foxbots working at the factory: crab-like robots, lifter robots, and specialized robots designed for precision work. With its cheap working force China has been the beneficial manufacturer for U.S. tech firms, but what benefit will there be to keep manufacturing in China rather than opening robot factories in the U.S.?

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