Biotic Arch Is The Greenest Self-Sufficient Skyscraper

Biotic Arch, Green Self Sufficient Skyscraper, future building
Biotic Arch is part of the “Taichung Active Gateway City” and a skyscraper designed by Vincent Callebaut. This tower is meant for living spaces amidst the green vertically growing gardens. Biotic Arch is also aimed to leave zero carbon footprint, as it produces it own electricity from bio, solar and wind energy sources. It seems like the building is a huge step towards the sustainable community in China.
Biotic, future Skyscraper, Vincent Callebaut


Biotic, Green Skyscraper, future building

Biotic arch, green architecture, future building

Biotic Arch, Green Self Sufficient Skyscraper, future building

Biotic Arch, Green energy, futuristic Skyscraper, future building

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