Toy Car RC – Drive a Virtual Car in the Real World with Augmented Reality

Run out of batteries? It’s time to drive a Remote Controlled Virtual Car! In Toy Car RC you do what feels right. Augmented reality Toy allows to connect your real world with the device in an intuitive way. Drive from kitchen to living room in the two virtual worlds – Candy Land & Western – full of interaction & fun!

Let the space ship beam you into one of the virtual worlds featuring multiple interactive assets to jump, fly, drive and two really cool characters waiting for you. Don’t worry about crashing things – the lovely characters will take care of fixing everything, and if you want, join you on your journey through the worlds. Ready, Steady, GO!

Toy Car RC requires printed Augmented Reality targets available directly through the app. It is specifically designed for kids 6+ years. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start your engines!

Download app for free:
Source: Evgeni from Toywheel

Futuristic Game, Toywheel, Toy Car RC - Drive a Virtual Car in the Real World with Augmented Reality

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