Virtual Worlds & Texts Right In Your Eye, On The Contact Lens

future technology, Contact Lens, Virtual Worlds
Early tests on new generation contact lenses that project information into the eyes are safely passed, states the University of Washington in Seattle. The prospective of the device is wide: from reading e-mails to seeing the driving directions, and from collecting medical info of the wearer to creating new video gaming experience.

The materials used gave a huge challenge to scientists who managed it and settle their next goals, according to the lead scientist Professor Babak Parviz “to incorporate some predetermined text in the contact lens.” Besides that the researchers with colleagues at Aalto University in Finland had to adjust the lenses to shorten the focal distance. Presently, finding a good power source and embedding more pixels for complex images are the issues to solve.

Meanwhile, a Swiss company Sensimed has released a smart contact lens to monitor the eye pressure to market.

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