The Future Of Robotic Farming

robotics, Richard Dudley, future of robotic farming, robot concept, futuristic robot1
An average farm in UK oses over  £100,000 of the annual revenue because of the wasted crops. Richard Dudley, researcher of the UK National Physical Laboratory aims to develop a special automated harvesting machine that could radically improve productivity in the global farming industry and eventually lead to reduction of food prices.He has designed a robot concept that can determine and pick the ripest and sweetest fruit / berries, e.g. strawberries, with the help of the multiple wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. The main advantage of this invention is that the robot can analyze plants with a combination of micro-, radio, terahertz, and far-infrared waves, thus it has no difficulty in distinguishing the fruit from its leaves, unlike similar robot fruit pickers.

robotics, Richard Dudley, future of robotic farming, robot concept, futuristic robot2

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