NormalTouch and TextureTouch: 3D Haptic Shape Controllers for Virtual Reality

Microsoft Research: “NormalTouch and TextureTouch are mechanically-actuated handheld controllers that render the shape of virtual objects through physical shape displacement, enabling users to feel 3D surfaces, textures, and forces that match the visual rendering. Both controllers are tracked with 6 DOF and produce spatially-registered haptic feedback to a user’s finger.

NormalTouch haptically renders object surfaces and provides force feedback using a tiltable and extrudable platform. TextureTouch renders the shape of virtual objects including detailed surface structure through a 4×4 matrix of actuated pins. By moving our controllers around in space while keeping their finger on the actuated platform, users obtain the impression of a much larger 3D shape by cognitively integrating output sensations over time.”
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Futuristic Technology, Microsoft Research, NormalTouch and TextureTouch: 3D Haptic Shape Controllers for Virtual Reality

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