The Fastest Recreational Submarine Is In Store

SeaBird, submarine
AquaVenture (USA) has created a no-propulsion submarine for underwater tourism. Named SeaBird, this two-seater submarine uses the towing system from a surface vessel to attain the speed of 25 mph. The SeaBird has a joystick and pedals control system, excellent stability to perform maneuvers and advanced tech support (GPS, sonar and telemetry systems) as well as safety measures. The SeaBird is connected to a surface with a 400 feet long cable and can go as deep as 46 meters for the recreational needs and down to 90 meters for other purposes. It costs as little as $210,000 and is as good buy if you have a surface vessel for the towing system.
SeaBird, two-seater submarine

SeaBird, future submarine

SeaBird, submarine

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