The Atlas Robot Will Help Victims In Case Of A Disaster

Over the past few decades billions of dollars have been spent by the Pentagon on research and development of robotic technologies to use robots and autnomous platforms for different missions, including bomb disposal and recon. DARPA is now aiming at further development of rescue robots to help victims in case of an emergency, e.g. a catastrophe dangerous for human responders to manage. The participants of the DARPA’s Robotics Challenge are to present robots that will be able to drive cars, walk on uneven surfaces that are covered in debris, climb shaky industrial-style ladders and operate power tools to break through concrete. Boston Dynamics supported by the DARPA Maximum Mobility and Manipulation program has lately released a new video of the Atlas Robot, which is only a prototype at the moment. You can see from the video how Atlas navigates a mockup of hallway filled with obstacles – climbing its way over an opening in the floor, making its way upstairs and navigating around various obstacles. Watching the Atlas Robot in action, it seems to bear a strong resemblance to Hector from Saturn 3.

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