San Francisco Expands With HYDRAMAX Port Machines

HYDRAMAX Port Machines, Future Cities Lab
HYDRAMAX Port Machines is a project by Future Cities Lab will be on exhibit at SFMOMA until July 29. This project proposes to rethink San Francisco’s waterfront post sea-level rise from hard lines to new ‘soft systems’ including public gardens, wild nature and animals refuges, aquatic parks and aquaponic farms. This immense robotic structure is to gather rainwater and fog with the help of numerous sensors and power-driven elements as well as control solar exposure, air flow and intelligent building systems. Presently, the physical ‘live model’ has proximity sensors on its four sides. They view the distance to gallery visitors correcting the LED brightness and giving more exposure to the white feather-like ‘fog harvesting robots’.
HYDRAMAX Port Machines, San Francisco

HYDRAMAX Port Machines, Future City

HYDRAMAX Port Machines, Future building

HYDRAMAX Port Machines, Future architecture

HYDRAMAX Port Machines, Future Cities Lab

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