Korean Invisible City Tower

future architecture, Korea, Cheongna City Tower
Many prominent city structures nowadays strive to be the tallest. This one is different, apart from its 450 meters height and around 146 sq. meters space it covers, the Cheongna City Tower is the most invisible. Literally, the GDS Architects, designing this ‘Invisible tower’ plan to use optical physics to help this South Korean building correspond this given name. The fabulous optical technology and a glowing light are to make the Cheongna City Tower appear transparent with a net shade. Among the usual, this invisible tower will be completed in 2014 and include a water park, promenades, boutiques and outdoor stadiums.

Via: TrendHunter.com
future building, Korea, Invisible Tower

futuristic architecture, Korea, Cheongna City Tower

futuristic tower, future Korea architecture

unique architecture, Korea, Cheongna City Tower


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