How To Reach Anywhere On Globe In An Hour? Hypersonic Is The Answer.

hypersonic aircraft
The goal to fly to any point on Earth in an hour set by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is to be accomplished via extreme hypersonic speed, or the flight on 20 times the speed of the sound, also called March 20. To launch a successful test flight at around 13,000 miles per hour by 2016 DARPA is organizing a “Proposers’ Day” on August 14 to set the requirements for the companies willing to compete for $40 million initial funding and another $30 million in renewal contract. This difficult task of flying at hypersonic speed would include overcoming temperatures of 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit, wind gusts and much more to create an aircraft for “missions ranging from space access to survivable, time-critical transport to conventional prompt global strike.”

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