Experience Virtual Objects In 3D And Feel Them (+VIDEO)

Future Technology, Feel Virtual Objects, Futuristic, Feel 3D, Solidray
A mind-blowing system that enables viewers to experience objects in 3D and actually feel the actions that they carry out using these objects has been designed by Solidray, a virtual reality company. The system includes visual and tactile feedback, so that people will be able to experience virtual objects. Viewers can put on their 3D glasses, hold out a cup and ‘feel’ the water filling it as the cup vibrates coupled with the on-screen action. The system featureas the tactile element using the TECHTILE toolkit and a magnetic sensor, measuring the user’s line of sight and dynamically changing the viewpoint. The sound of water being poured is pre-recorded and when the cup is placed under the water, that feeling and sound are being reproduced. You can check out the new system in the video below.

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