Big Ideas That Will Change Our Life In 2050 (+VIDEO)

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Just consider for a moment, what is waiting for us in 2050? How our society can become more advanced than it already is? How can we communicate faster than we already do on Facebook or Twitter? Many of the existing technologies, like a satellite technology to transmit images, text and video, that anybody, anywhere in the world could see by simply accessing a network that connects people, seemed nonsense just 30 years ago. The NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden, and Co-founder of Pay Pal, Peter Thiel, discussed “Big Ideas” that will change our lives and the way our world will look like in 2050 at the conference of the World Affairs Council 2012. The World Affairs Council creates programs and opportunities for local people to interact directly with leaders, educators, and professionals from around the world. You can watch unexpected predictions from the two notorious speakers in the video below.

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  • Antonio Pumarejo

    All this was predicted to happen before humans even existed. The question is, will these things happen or will war or another dumb government once again delay the probable.

    • harley

      True true I see wgat you mean