Disposable Nanoparticles Smartphone Booklet …It’s Not Gibberish, It’s A Device

Smartphone Booklet, nanoparticles, Ilshat Garipov
Ilshat Garipov offers to forget about traditional materials and use nanoparticles for the ultra-handy Smartphone Booklet, thin as cardboard and disposable after a while. This handset is to open like a booklet with each side being engaged for a specific application or function. The storage problem will be necessary as the Smartphone Booklet will be supported by cloud technology. The device can be made of any size and maintain its thinness as the nanoparticles will absorb the sun energy; hence no battery will be needed. Does this sound like a good concept to you?
Via: Concept-Phones.com

future Smartphone, nanotechnology, Ilshat Garipov

Smartphone Booklet, nanoparticles, Ilshat Garipov

Smartphone Booklet, nanoparticles, Ilshat Garipov

Smartphone concept, nanoparticles, Ilshat Garipov

future mobile phone, Ilshat Garipov

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