Electric Motorcycle Keeps Balance Gyroscopically (+VIDEO)

Electric Motorcycle, C-1 Gyroscopically, Lit Motors
Lit Motors, Inc has come up with safe and rain-proof electric motorcycle. C1 Gyroscopically Electric Motorcycle adds safety convenience of a car to the freedom and compactness of the motorcycle. The exclusive exterior of C1 covers its driver (and a passenger) with fine curves leaving enough room for the comfortable and spacious ride. The battery lasts for 200 miles and the max speed is 120 mph. If you wonder how this vehicle stays balanced at a stop and keeps upright during collision think gyroscopic: it uses electronically controlled gyroscopes positioned at the bottom (putting out over 1,300 lb/ft of torque). This smart motorcycle will also inform the driver on weather conditions, traffic or construction on the road to help you choose the best route. C1 Gyroscopically Electric Motorcycle is to be in the showroom as early as in late 2014.

Via: Tuvie.com
future Motorcycle, C-1 Gyroscopically, Lit Motors

green Motorcycle, C-1 Gyroscopically, Lit Motors

Electric vehicle, C-1 Gyroscopically, Lit Motors

green vehicle, C-1 Gyroscopically, Lit Motors

Electric Motorcycle, gyroscopes , Lit Motors

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