The Future Of Cryonics

What lies in the future for cryonics – the practice of low-temperature suspended animation of people who have died of an incurable disease, in the hope of a future cure?

This London Futurists Hangout on Air features a discussion between an international panel of people with practical experience of the world of cryonics: Max More, Anders Sandberg, Natasha Vita-More, and Garret Smyth.

The discussion covers:
• Recent developments in the world of cryonics, and anticipated future improvements;
• Why has the take-up of cryonics been comparatively low so far, and what steps might change that state of affairs?
• Objections to cryonics – and responses to the objections;
• Cryonics in context – new attitudes towards death and technology.

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Source: David Wood

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