Duracell Powermats At Starbucks

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Duracell Powermats are wireless charging panels allowing users to charge up by simply placing their devices on a tiny black circle embedded in Starbucks countertops. Such a new wireless charging solution has been recently tested in Boston by Starbucks as it realizes its great role as a community hub.The matter is that in the wake of Hurricane Sandy people flooded Starbucks locations hoping to snag free wireless service or a power outlet. And now the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) by AT&T, Duracell, Starbucks, Powermat Technologies and Procter & Gamble (the parent company of Duracell) has initiated to create an open standard for smart wireless power. Earlier this year Jay-Z has appeared in Duracell promotion of the Powermat technology that showed off the real-world applications of the product in everyday settings.

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