Breitling Praetorian Will Make Celebs Shine Brighter

Breitling Praetorian, futuristic vehicle, Amarpreet Gill
Breitling Praetorian is a concept luxury vehicle for 2040 by Amarpreet Gill. The vehicle is designed to shine like a diamond for celebrities to shine at their very appearance. The concept is fashioned from bullet proof electro-chromatic glass that can change color and transparency, and on the practical side is sprayed with the layer of plastic solar cells. The sun energy goes to in-wheel motors, exposed through the glass. The doors are apt to expose the VIP to the public before leaving the car as they first move out, then rotate over and hide underneath the Breitling Praetorian.
Breitling Praetorian, futuristic car, Amarpreet Gill

Breitling Praetorian, future vehicle, Amarpreet Gill

Breitling Praetorian, future car, Amarpreet Gill

Breitling Praetorian, vehicle concept, Amarpreet Gill

Breitling Praetorian, luxury vehicle, Amarpreet Gill

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