Air-Elf Concept Is Your Future Air-Car

Air-Elf, Future Air-Car
Air-Elf aircraft is not the first concept of the future personal air-car. However, thanks to the “Air Caterpillar” wing by Yinze Hu, it’s probably one of the first realistic ones. “Air Caterpillar” type of wing consists of main formation and many small wings, making it very transformable. This lets the Air-Elf both land and take off vertically as well as provides high-speed cruising. The aircraft concept is also furnished with clean hydrogen power system, solid frame and aerodynamic outer shell.

Air-Elf, Future Air-vehicle

Air-Elf, Future flying Car

Air-Elf, Futuristic Aircraft

Air-Elf, innovation Air Car

Air-Elf, future air vehicle

Air-Elf, Future Air transportation

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