Da Vinci Surgery Robot Stitches a Grape Back Together

The da Vinci Surgical System is used to stitch a grape back together. The same technology that can be used to suture a tiny grape is designed to help perform delicate, minimally invasive surgery.
The amazing moment robot used for removing tumors practices surgery by stitching together a GRAPE SKIN inside a small bottle Da Vinci surgery system uses miniature instruments to allow doctors to work in small spaces inside patients’ bodies Video shows that the robot can perform complicated maneuvers such as tying a knot as it sutures a detached bit of grape back on its host Surgeons work at remote console with devices that mimic regular hand movements while watching 3D camera display
Source: da Vinci Surgery
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The Future of Surgery
The Future of Medicine
The Future of Robotics
Robot Performs Successful Surgery On Pig
The Future of Medicine, Da Vinci Surgery Robot Stitches a Grape Back Together, Health, Futuristic Technology

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