Cocoon House: Futuristic Home Design

Cocoon House, Planning Korea
The Cocoon House is planned to be built on the volcanic Jeju Island, South Korea. Planning Korea has designed a bubble-like structure with the cube-shaped buildings on both sides. The construction of the futuristic home, providing great views of the ocean and Gotjawal forest, will start September 2012.

Cocoon House, Jeju Island, Korea

Cocoon House, Jeju Island, Korea

Cocoon House, futuristic house

Cocoon House, futuristic house

future Korea, Planning Koreag, futuristic house

future Korea, Planning Korea, modern building

Cocoon House, futuristic architecture

Cocoon House, FUTURE building

future housing

future housing, FUTURE HOME

Cocoon House 2012

Cocoon House, Planning Korea

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