Robotic Fish To Gather Real Time Pollution Index

shoal, robotic fish
Named Shoal, this impressive one and a half meters long robotic fish presently swims in the port of Gijon, Spain checking water pollution in real time and transmitting the data to the nearby base-station. The research project, led by the BMT company with financial support from the Seventh Framework Programme for ICT, is aiming to produce a set of such robotic fishes to substitute divers in collecting water samples from hundreds points in the sea. What happens when the robotic fishes get caught in the fishermen nets? First of all, the researchers have colored the tuna-like robotic fish yellow. But if pulled out of water, they will make an alarm at the base-station control room. The Shoal fish can spend in water eight hours on a single charge, and then researchers pick it for charging by boat. In future, the robotic fishes may be developed to come to the charging station themselves.

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