ChargePoint Network App Improves Electric Car Mobility

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Modern mobile technology platforms are using location to help drivers access a number of services to allow them better navigate their urban environments. Fuji Electric Corporation and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure company Coulomb Technologies have presented the ChargePoint Network app to improve electric car mobility. This mobile application is available for free; it helps EV drivers to find and reserve time slots at nearby charging stations. The proximity service app maps available stations near a specified address, provides turn-by-turn driving directions and allows users to secure, modify and cancel reservations. Due to the app the EV drivers get direct access to their social network accounts including Facebook and Twitter; they can make charging station reservations, payments and find location information. The app will store data from past charging experiences that will direct you later to your favorite station with real-time data – directions, station availability, status of your current or most recent charging session and the ability to start and stop a charging session directly from your phone.

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