Robo Raven Is So Realistic That Can Fool A Hawk Into Attacking It (+VIDEO)

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Advances in miniature computing, lightweight structural materials, and more efficient, lighter batteries are finally enabling machines to fly like birds.
Robo Raven is a bird-inspired flying robot, which can dive, spiral, even back flip. Its wing motion and silhouette are so realistic, that can fool a hawk into attacking it. The robot has independently flapping wings, which require a heavier microcontroller and battery. To design the body, the researchers have deployed modern fabrication techniques to 3D print and laser cut light polymer parts. Mimicking bird-like behavior, these robots can vary wing speed, flap wings independently, even change wing shape mid-flight, which makes them multi-purpose fliers, able to stop and start quickly, fly forward and backward, hover, perch, and generally, better adapt to changing aerodynamic properties of the air.

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