Bugatti EB.LA In The Jean Bugatti Prospective Style

Bugatti EB.LA, future car, Marian Hilgers
The designer’s (Marian Hilgers from University of Pforzheim) idea behind this vehicle was to imagine the Bugatti Veyron of today with the innovative vision of Jean Bugatti. The Bugatti EB.LA is 4.62 meters long, 1.2 meters tall, and almost 2 meters wide having the side wings to provide the downforce to the vehicle while letting it remain very light. Hence, Bugatti EB.LA weights about 750 kg and embraces 600 horsepower with the help of the supercharged 4 cylinder engine and two electric motors in the front wheels. What’s more, Bugatti EB.LA has a driver’s seat at the center and two passenger seats backing it up on both sides.
Bugatti concept, Marian Hilgers

future Bugatti, Marian Hilgers

Bugatti EB.LA, future car, Marian Hilgers

Bugatti EB.LA, future car, Marian Hilgers

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